The path to better staff motivation

Better staff motivationThe road to an engaged and motivated workforce is a long and winding one, filled with curves and pot holes for you to trip up on. Here are a few tips to help guide you on your way…

There are a number of factors to consider when first considering staff motivation programmes:

  • The objectives of the organisation
  • Who your audience is
  • What roles they perform
  • Where they are based
  • What their educational status is
  • How far the organisation wants to engage its people

…and so on. These factors define the type of programme that needs to be implemented.

However managers can also play a pivotal role in individual motivation. They need to understand the nuances of their team members – some people thrive on recognition, some want to be ‘the best of the best’, others want a learning experience or more responsibility. We can help them tap into this and give them the tools to get the best from their teams.

Staff motivation schemes are effective when the process of earning the reward and the reward itself align with the employee’s lifestyle. So, for some this may mean appealing to the employee’s need or desire to please their family by giving them the chance to earn a reward that the whole family will enjoy. While for others it might be an individual reward such as a piece of jewellery.

Managers must keep this in mind when seeking the best ways to raise staff motivation levels. Those who design schemes tend to look at the profile of a workforce and, to a greater or lesser extent, tailor the reward to the individual or to the common denominator of staff tastes. But if this approach is applied often, schemes can become repetitive and less effective.

For this reason vouchers and gift cards continue to be a popular and effective way to reward employees. The recipient can choose what to spend the voucher on and they are motivated as they work towards something that they really want, rather than a reward that is chosen for them. For the employer, vouchers and gift cards are a cost-effective reward option, which gives them the chance to promptly and publically recognise an employee for what they have accomplished.



John Sylvester

John is responsible for the motivation division of p&mm ltd. Specialising in developing, implementing and directing many large scale staff motivation, recognition and employee communications programmes.

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