The perks of the job

Workplace benefit perksGiven the current climate the emphasis on those added work ‘perks’ have not only increased over the last 5 years, they have been transformed.

Gone are the days when the traditional monetary bonuses were enough to motivate and incentivise employees; individuals now value key job factors that directly impact their home and work-life balance.

A Career Builder survey has explored which job factors are most important to today’s workers and helps to support the notion that employers should continually review and address the significant effect job factors can have on employee motivation and productivity levels.


The value of job factors to employee loyalty

39percent1 in 4 people are planning to change their jobs in 2013 and one third of employers reported that their top performers left their organisation in 2012.

So it is no surprise that 39% of employer are concerned that they’ll lose their top talent in 2013.


What job factors are most important?

Upward mobility is a strong factor in comparison to having a specific title as over 55% of individuals stated that having a specific job title has very little importance to them.

33percentHaving a flexible schedule is valued one of the highest factors with 59% of the vote and being able to make a difference second highest with 48%. Providing your employees with the resources to work from home can have a positive result on productivity as 33% want to have the ability to work from home


Do work perks matter?

26% of individuals say that providing special perks at work is an effective way to improve employee retention. Amongst these work perks providing on-site fitness areas and facilities was valued highly by 40% of individuals, 12% said that a ‘nap room’ would be effective and 6% wanted onsite childcare.


What really entices employees to stay with a company?

In order to achieve long term staff loyalty it is crucial for employers to consider these crucial factors in order to integrate and enhance their current offering…


Want an increase in employee recognition
Want to be asked what they want and to put their feedback into action
Want an increase training and learning opportunities


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