The quest to discover the ultimate staff recognition scheme

In my time at P&MM I have travelled across the seven seas to lands afar in my mission to discover the ultimate staff recognition scheme. Through battles with giant octopus, fire-breathing dragons and meetings with exotic natives, well, not literally of course, but it sometimes feels like it!  To help you with your journey we’ve put together a guide to setting up a successful recogntion scheme that should ensure you discover a chest full of treasure, symbolising that holy grail of a truly motivated and engaged workforce.

This step-by-step guide shows the importance of setting motivation programme objectives, living the company values, designing a programme structure and identifying which rewards work best to engage a workforce. It also gives advice on defining a target audience and how to communicate with them, as well as how to manage a motivation programme and keep it fresh.

By following this treasure map, your organisation should be able discover the rich bounty of motivational gold that an effective reward and recognition scheme can bring.

Download our guide here:

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