The Top 10 reasons to communicate your recognition scheme

1. Generate interest. Pre-launch and launch comms which will help generate excitement running up to the launch and raise the schemes profile. Think about your new starters too – how is the scheme communicated to them? Ensure you get manager buy in – perhaps give them a sneak preview of the scheme before the official launch.

2. Raise awareness.How do they make nominations? How do they claim their rewards? Make it easy for them and tell them how.

3. Create desire.They can’t be motivated by your great selection of rewards if they don’t know what they are. Use communications to promote any new and exciting rewards available

4. Drive behaviour. If nominations are made against your company values, ensure these values are clearly communicated and readily available. Ensure employees know how these values can relate to their own job role.

 5. Showcase winners. Make the winners feel special and do it publicly. This will increase pride and make them work harder to be recognised again and again.

 6. Promote benefits. Does your scheme carry additional benefits – product knowledge quizzes or suggestion boxes for example? Communicate these!

 7. Reinforce company brand. Drive your company brand home with your scheme. Your brand can be reinforced through the website design, the style and the recognition values for example.

8. Encourage peer to peer recognition. Encourage employees to recognise their peers. This will result in strong team morale.

9. Maintain participation. Regular and effective communications will encourage buy in and usage of the scheme – meaning a better return on investment for you.

10. Drive change. If you make any changes to your scheme, make sure your employees understand what they are and why they have been made. This will minimise confusion.

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