The top challenges in international recognition programmes

Internationalisation has continued to rise in the past few years, and the total value of global trade now exceeds £15 trillion. With this rise comes an increased need for international recognition programmes – which bring many challenges to take into consideration.

Top challenges…


  • Translation of languages was rated the most valuable feature of a global programme. Ensure it is accurate and will help boost utilisation levels.
  • Ensure your website is translatable – in design as well as text. Use a globally acceptable design that is sure not to cause offence in any cultures.


  • Different cultures will be motivated by different rewards. Gift vouchers may prove hugely popular in one country but not in another. A diverse and global reward offering is required, such as a prepaid card which can be loaded in multiple currencies.
  • The same amount in one country could have a different value in another, so take this into account when choosing reward amounts. Keep an eye on exchange rates too.
  • Different cultures may reward for different behaviours. For example in some countries, the value of team work may be so strong that rewarding individuals may be inappropriate and even embarrassing.


  • Ensure the countries have the technological ability to run the programme. Can their current computer systems facilitate it?
  • Think about the appropriateness of the programme type. For example, do staff have online access or do they work predominantly offline? This will affect the programme type required.


  • If you send out merchandise globally from one location you will need to take postage costs, postal infrastructure, security and delivery times into account.
  • Rewards may get stuck in customs, causing delays in deliveries. Check customs rules for the individual countries to ensure you are complying.
  • How will the programme support work internationally? Think about the hotline, email and web support – these will all be affected by language and working hours.

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