HR Collaboration Opportunities

iStock_000066499875_FullCollaboration between HR and Procurement is the future and businesses should look to drive this spirit into the heart of every organisation.

Traditionally category management is at the very core of procurement functions, but this tends to focus on driving better deals with suppliers rather than looking at improving the end to end planning process.  It is at this point you should begin the dialogue between both departments.

Quite often procurement can be intertwined with corporate strategy, which is where the link to HR begins.

Questions such as;

How do we hire and develop talent to achieve our goals?

Do we have the company resources we need to do this?

Highlight the way in which Procurement and HR can work hand in hand.

The long-term effects on employee engagement go way beyond its initial conception and Procurement should look beyond the initial agreement. By utilising their analytical knowledge, Procurement can help HR to agree on and set programme deliverables, recognise how to ensure achievement of KPI’s and ensure high levels of ROI. This creates additional clarity for business about what providers should be delivering.

In conjunction with this investigative methodology, HR can tap into its own wealth of employee knowledge and experience to provide an emotive, realistic and deliverable programme.

HR will have acquired trust based relationships that have built up over a number of years. Realistically, the programmes born from these are likely to have been rolled over year on year, whilst providing a steady output of results and data points. By reintroducing Procurement specialists into these programmes to analyse this data, businesses have a free resource at their fingertips to help add value to existing contracts.

With businesses looking to achieve the same objective, ‘engaged employees working with the right job to do the best job they can.’ Procurement and HR alignment can become a force to be reckoned with.


Collaboration is required throughout the supply chain process, and businesses should try to ensure it happens right through from planning to ultimate delivery.


In the UK public sector many organisations continue to operate in silos without interdepartmental collaboration. Not only can this make communications tiring and extended, it also creates lots of ‘red tape’ which often prevents good ideas getting beyond the initial stages, let alone implementation of new programmes.

It’s not until businesses can get all key people from both Procurement and HR; including those who are external, around the table to discuss challenges openly with clear objectives and goals in mind, can sustainable solutions can be found.


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