Who owns motivation?

motivationMotivation is a broad subject which means different things for different groups of people within an organisation.  Therefore it probably doesn’t have a natural home.

Long Service Awards, for example, should sit within HR, as they hold the employee data, whereas sales incentive rewards are normally the domain of the national sales manager, sales operations or the marketing team. Call centre incentives may sit within HR or be managed by the call centre manager or team managers.

Regardless of their position within an organisation, the message about the importance of committing wholeheartedly to working towards achieving targets (and thereby earning rewards) must come from the top. CEOs and board directors must demonstrate to staff their commitment to motivation, a strong endorsement is essential in order for motivation to have true impact. To quote Richard Branson ‘Never underestimate the power of recognition in motivation.’ Management and staff at Virgin clearly understand its’ importance. It is vital for team leaders to practice what they preach in order to achieve maximum impact and it is vital that employees want to be at work and do well for themselves as well as for the company.

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